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Cap’n America! YAAR!!

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So, my roommates & I watched the first 3 “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies recently, and the awesomeness of pirates is truly never far from my thoughts (especially since, according to family legend, there is a Pirate waaay back in the Kent bloodline). Add to that sleep deprivation, caffeine & a mind-numbing early shift at my job, and BOOM!! – Cap’n America is born! Behold!



Furthermore, my girl & I spent 4 days at Comic Con International, and got to board the Jackdaw, the Pirate ship from the upcoming Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, so needless to say, the imagination hasn’t so much sparked, as it has been a raging inferno. I just needed some time to focus it, and forge something awesome out of it.

The Jackdaw! (actually the Star of India, but Ubisoft payed for the sail & paintjob…OMG ship in CosPlay!!)

Me & BlackBeard be maties!


She be a beauty!

There will be prints of Cap’n America. Lemme know if you want one! Cheers, Maties!




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Finally launched my webcomic! Check out:

6th Circle Comic

It’s a comic about a tattoo shop in San Francisco and it’s employees dealing with slow business, a demon in their closet and their newly bought gorrilla. Updated Wednesdays.

Updates on my art site. New Bioshock-themed pic. I had a total brain storm and hammered out the penned outlines in one day. I love my new black prismacolor pens! Go to:


I also just went to Wondercon with my girlfriend and her lil bro. It was awesome!! Met Adam Baldwin, made some contacts with other webcomic artists, and got half off on comics. I worked for a while on my duster for my costume, and it turned out great.

Yay for steampunk!!