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So, I just finished Xoc: The Journey of a Great White, a graphic novel put out by Oni Press, and I gotta say, I was pretty impressed. It won’t win any Eisner’s, but the message is strong. Matt Dembiki tells the tale mostly from a Great White Shark’s perspective, and gives a very needed heavy-handed and shocking narrative of how humans violate the ocean, and what happens to the creatures that we make movies of, get tattoos of, and overall capture our imaginations.

We don’t do many reviews here at We Doomed, but this particular book lines up with our mission to help out the sharks, especially with the notes at the end of the book where the author details ways the reader can help the ocean’s plight- stopping shark finning, aiding against pollution and other helpful things.

Follow Matt Dembiki’s blog here!

Interesting fact: “Xoc” is the Mayan word for “Devil Fish”. White folks heard it and turned it into “Shark”. Take that one with you to your next pub trivia night!


Furthermore, reading this has lit the flames of inspiration. Here is what sprang forth from my digital pen:

We’ll probably be making some stickers of this. If they sell well enough, who knows? Maybe a shirt will be made!

Thanks for reading folks! Remember, cut those soda can ring-holder-things! Use a battle-ax if you have to…or want to…I don’t really care, just make saving the environment Fucking METAL!




Pure Fucking Metal

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Just got back from the seriously brutal Arch Enemy/ Exodous concert @ The Regency Ballroom here in SF, and I return bruised, battered, tenderized even, but still extremly happy with the show! Went with my comedian friend and my musician friend. Exodous was savage as ever (thanks guys for introducing me to my first “Wall of Death [look it up]), but Arch Enemy was pure brutality and beauty wrapped into one tastey metal burrito!

… ok maybe “burrito” is the wrong metaphor here, but they were awesome nonetheless!!

I actually got to meet the Arch Enemy’s drummer and bassist before the show. My friends and I got off the bus a few stops early on accident and decided to just trek the last few blocks. I then saw a couple of black-clad, long-haired tall dudes step out of a doughnut shop on Geary, and I thought they looked a little bit familiar. I then spotted the Arch Enemy symbol on on of their sleeves. I whispered, in total fan-dom, to my friend “dude! that’s the bassist”!! So, I tapped him on the shoulder and asked “You guys playin tonight?, “Yeah” the drummer responds quietly, “I’ll be in the pit” I say with a thumb’s up, and we go on our merry way. Honestly, I wanted nothing more than to get his John Hankock and snap a picture with him, but they were spending time with some ladies, and I would rather not be that cockblocking fan. I was just happy to have personally met them.

I go put a cold beer to head now. My brain meats feel funny. Maybe getting kicked in the head in the pit has something to do with that…


Here be some pics of the show:


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Behold! Vikings!

So, I recently picked up Viking: Battle for Asgard. I’ve had my eye on it for a while, and the price is finally low enough for a poor college student such as myself to afford. Hail discounts!

Anyways, I read plenty of reviews beforehand and most sites and mags gave it a solid 7.4 out of 10. Now, I’m a child of the Legend of Zelda worshiping tribe, so any time I can get my hands on a decent hacker/slasher adventure fantasy title I’m set for about a month or two. Then if you throw in a heavy dose of one of my favorite mythologies, this case being Norse, I’m as happy as a headcrab with a new host. The gameplay is pretty decent and has some of the best combat physics and character animations I have ever seen. Some bits of the game are ripped straight from God of War, but its hard to find a game these days that doesn’t adapt an idea from another. Its bloody good fun.

But of course, no game is absolutely perfect, and Viking is no exception. Skarin, our clean-shaven protagonist, runs (or rather lumbers) like he has cinder blocks tied to his toes. Considering how little armor he is wearing, he should be much more spry. The combat does get a bit repetitive, but when you engage in a full-scale battle and the hockey gloves come off, its just gets plain fun and brutal. Dynasty Warriors wishes it could pull of battles like this. But my main beef with this game is the soundtrack…or complete lack thereof. Seriously, this game doesn’t have music whatsoever during the actual gameplay. There is even an option in the menu to toggle the music. So unless “on” really means “off”, this game doesnt have a soundtrack at all except at the options screen.

So here’s where gamer ingenuity comes in. I also just got into the metal band Amon Amarth. For those of you of the non-nerd persuasion, “Amon Amarth” is Tolkein’s Elvish for “Mountain of Destiny” or as it is commonly known as “Mount-fucking- Doom”.

All together now: NEEEERRRDDSS!!

Now, I dare you to say that to their faces

They are in a special class of Metal known as Viking Metal. Its kind of a sub-group of Power Metal, but very specific. Their songs are all about viking mythology, warriors, battle, gods etc. Its pretty damn over the top, but its really awesome music. Whenever I listen to them, I dont know whether to laugh or pound my chest, grab the axe I have hidden under my desk and go pillage and burn something. Its a fun dilemma.

So, plugging my iPod into my 360 and uploading Amon Amarth’s newest album, “Twilight of the Thunder God” makes a perfect (and I mean perfect) soundtrack for “Viking”. The game doesnt get points for not having its own music, but it definitely earns a special place in my book for allowing me to combine a new favorite band and awesome combat gameplay. Seriously, there are few things more satisfying than cleaving an enemy into five pieces during a face-melting guitar solo.

Rock on

P.S. I really do have an axe hidden under my desk. Just in case.