A Pirate’s Life for Me

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Happy Friday!
So, I’ve managed to pry myself away from Assassin’s Creed III long enough to crank out another wood panel painting. I’m really enjoying using those Montana acrylic paint pens, especially on these panels. I recently bought a 50mm-tipped black paint pen and have really been putting through its paces (see below).

For those of you who don’t know, Halloween is my favorite holiday, right next to National Talk Like A Pirate Day. So I decided to combine the two and be a Pirate for the holiday, which for me spanned the weekend before Halloween and the day of, so that’s a lot of swashbuckling! 3 days of rum & saying “Yar!!” I love this holiday…

Anyway, I made a painting inspired by and to celebrate being a pirate and being a decendant of a pirate.




It’s actually not finished yet. I picked up a green 15mm paint pen yesterday to add the finishing elements. I’ll post the final product this weekend.

Happy Halloween, Felis Dia De Los Muertos & Blessed Samhain!




The NorseMan Cometh

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It begins…

More later!

Dead Man’s Party

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Im trying out a new technique: Spray paint & paint pens. I’m planning on making a new fine art series using birchwood panels and Montana Black spray paint:


This is a 12″x16″ panel sprayed with colors Jaws & Seal.
I then drew a stencil of a familiar shape on it:


Then, using Montana Acrylic Paint Pens, I added color flourishes:



This is as far as I’ve gotten so far. I’m still working on the color flourishes so I’ll post again when I make more progress. I really enjoy the coverage I get from the Montana Black line of spray paint, and their color range is amazing. Their pens I really can’t praise enough; great color vibrancy & opacity with durable nibs. Pick some up at your local art store (aka: Flax on Market in downtown San Francisco). Tell ’em Grim sent you.

We Doomed!

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In case you missed it, there is a new site where you can see all the updates from my webcomics, art & videos: We Doomed Productions

From there, you can check out which comic has recently updated, visit our online store, read our rants, and see which conventions we’ll be appearing at. Its your one-stop-shop for awesomeness!

I’m pretty proud of the design. Even if it is based on just a WordPress template, I think it will suite my group’s needs nicely.

Xander’s SteamRex Tattoo

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Xander gets the SteamRex tattooed by Tee Jay at Cicatrix Tattoo in San Francisco, CA


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Sooo… Did I mention I was bad at updating blogs?  I know its been a while since my last update, but now that I have a SkyNet phone, y’all should see me updating more regularly.

Anyhow, my two webcomics are in full swing now. If you’re not already reading them, check them out!

6th Circle – Tattoos, Metal & Nerdery!

The Historically Accurate Adventures of Jack & Voytek

My little team of writers and I have been showing off our merch at various conventions including the Alternative Press Expo, and the first Image Expo. If you missed us, don’t worry, we’re just getting started!

I’ll be posting more of my artwork here as I work on it. Like this:




Tank’s bio pic in progress for 6th Circle’s character profile page. I’ll have it watercolored in no time!

Cheers, folks. Its good to be back!

Foot in Door?

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Lots going on! My webcomic is really taking off. If you’re not reading it yet, read it now or STEAMREX WILL DEVOUR YOUR FACE!!


Also, I won a contest! My work is going to be featured in a coming printing of the Halo Evolutions Anthology. Tor Books and 343 Industries put out a message “Are you a Halo fan? Fancy yourself an Artist…” (check and check) “Then enter!!” (Check!!) I based my piece “Stomping on the Heels of a Fuss” on the story of the same name and it was chosen to preface the story in the next printing of Halo Evolutions!!

The cherry on top of all this is that I got to meet most of the authors of this book at San Diego Comic Con last month. I got to show the original sketch of said piece to the author and asked him to sign it. He then said he wants a print when its done and that he’ll keep an eye open for projects I could work on with him! *manly happy dance*

Much more is going on, but this has been the biggest news. I finally get the chance to make my impression on the Halo-verse! (checks off from “life goals list”)

Here’s Halo Waypoint’s official article: [link]


Laying the Smackdown!