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Cap’n America! YAAR!!

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So, my roommates & I watched the first 3 “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies recently, and the awesomeness of pirates is truly never far from my thoughts (especially since, according to family legend, there is a Pirate waaay back in the Kent bloodline). Add to that sleep deprivation, caffeine & a mind-numbing early shift at my job, and BOOM!! – Cap’n America is born! Behold!



Furthermore, my girl & I spent 4 days at Comic Con International, and got to board the Jackdaw, the Pirate ship from the upcoming Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, so needless to say, the imagination hasn’t so much sparked, as it has been a raging inferno. I just needed some time to focus it, and forge something awesome out of it.

The Jackdaw! (actually the Star of India, but Ubisoft payed for the sail & paintjob…OMG ship in CosPlay!!)

Me & BlackBeard be maties!


She be a beauty!

There will be prints of Cap’n America. Lemme know if you want one! Cheers, Maties!



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So, I just finished Xoc: The Journey of a Great White, a graphic novel put out by Oni Press, and I gotta say, I was pretty impressed. It won’t win any Eisner’s, but the message is strong. Matt Dembiki tells the tale mostly from a Great White Shark’s perspective, and gives a very needed heavy-handed and shocking narrative of how humans violate the ocean, and what happens to the creatures that we make movies of, get tattoos of, and overall capture our imaginations.

We don’t do many reviews here at We Doomed, but this particular book lines up with our mission to help out the sharks, especially with the notes at the end of the book where the author details ways the reader can help the ocean’s plight- stopping shark finning, aiding against pollution and other helpful things.

Follow Matt Dembiki’s blog here!

Interesting fact: “Xoc” is the Mayan word for “Devil Fish”. White folks heard it and turned it into “Shark”. Take that one with you to your next pub trivia night!


Furthermore, reading this has lit the flames of inspiration. Here is what sprang forth from my digital pen:

We’ll probably be making some stickers of this. If they sell well enough, who knows? Maybe a shirt will be made!

Thanks for reading folks! Remember, cut those soda can ring-holder-things! Use a battle-ax if you have to…or want to…I don’t really care, just make saving the environment Fucking METAL!



Foot in Door?

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Lots going on! My webcomic is really taking off. If you’re not reading it yet, read it now or STEAMREX WILL DEVOUR YOUR FACE!!

Also, I won a contest! My work is going to be featured in a coming printing of the Halo Evolutions Anthology. Tor Books and 343 Industries put out a message “Are you a Halo fan? Fancy yourself an Artist…” (check and check) “Then enter!!” (Check!!) I based my piece “Stomping on the Heels of a Fuss” on the story of the same name and it was chosen to preface the story in the next printing of Halo Evolutions!!

The cherry on top of all this is that I got to meet most of the authors of this book at San Diego Comic Con last month. I got to show the original sketch of said piece to the author and asked him to sign it. He then said he wants a print when its done and that he’ll keep an eye open for projects I could work on with him! *manly happy dance*

Much more is going on, but this has been the biggest news. I finally get the chance to make my impression on the Halo-verse! (checks off from “life goals list”)

Here’s Halo Waypoint’s official article: [link]


Laying the Smackdown!


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Finally got the pics from the San Diego Comic Con 2010 up! Did some awesome networking for 6th Circle and my art. It was indeed good times for me and mine! It really is X-Mas time for nerds. Enjoy!

I’d say this was one of the best years! The Bioware Brawl was especially awesome! The Dragon Age 2 people handed out tons of inflatable sword-staffs and organized a HUGE melee outside the Hilton in San Diego’s Gaslamp district. Not only was it a blast, but it was a major stress-release! Seriously, after two days of being smashed shoulder-to-shoulder with a couple hundred-thousand nerds in a big warehouse, getting the chance to get medieval on their asses was freakin’ amazing! Thanks boys and girls for organizing that brawl!

Corpses and Cogs

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My life is recently awash with new and exciting media!

1) Watchmen:

Finally getting around to reading it, and I gotta say, I am loving every minute of reading it. I really am disappointed in myself that I watched the movie first. I think Moore’s work is just as relevant now as it was when he wrote it; troubled social and economic times, uncertainty in the government’s military intentions, people going crazy, etc. I’m looking forward to watching the movie again and nit-picking at it once I’m done.Very good read! It really is a novel for comics. Hell, its a straight-up novel.

2) “The Black Parade” – My Chemical Romance

Ok, I admit that I had a couple of MCR’s songs in my iTunes for the longest time solely as a guilty pleasure, but after I popped “The Black Parade” into the car’s CD player during a roadtrip, I was hooked on it! I know MCR has a huge stigma for being an emo band, and while their aesthetic doesn’t do much to dissuade this idea, their sound is pure Rock. Their instrumentals are complex and haunting while Gerard Way’s voice soars above and over the melodious cacophony with intriguing and imagery-evoking lyrics. As surprised as I am to write this, this album is very reminiscent of Queen, David Bowie and Guns N’ Roses.

3) Wormwood Gentleman Corpse

Beautifully rendered and masterfully written, Ben Templesmith’s work is a true joy to read. Zany and rich characters matched with like art styles has made for yet another comic series to add to my growing collection. Supernatural comedies hold a special place in my brain, and a story about a worm which has possessed a rather well-dressed corpse accompanied by a clockwork companion that resembles a member of ZZ Top is no exception. I haven’t been this influenced by an artist’s style since I discovered Mike Mignola. To quote the forward by David Slade, “…tentacles-a-plenty, sex, guns, demons, and beer. What more does one want from a 21st century graphic novel?” This will be going right next to my Hellboy library!

4)Bioshock 2 (Multiplayer)

While the story mode is amazing, the multiplayer is where this game really shines. Once you level out of chump-land and get some decent gear, the game really gets fun. While the classic 1-2 Punch of ElectroBolt and Shotgun never goes out of style, being able to teleport, nail someone with a crossbow and (my personal favorite) cover someone IN FREAKIN’ BEES is just too much fun.

I’m off to get some prints done. Cheers!


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Finally launched my webcomic! Check out:

6th Circle Comic

It’s a comic about a tattoo shop in San Francisco and it’s employees dealing with slow business, a demon in their closet and their newly bought gorrilla. Updated Wednesdays.

Updates on my art site. New Bioshock-themed pic. I had a total brain storm and hammered out the penned outlines in one day. I love my new black prismacolor pens! Go to:


I also just went to Wondercon with my girlfriend and her lil bro. It was awesome!! Met Adam Baldwin, made some contacts with other webcomic artists, and got half off on comics. I worked for a while on my duster for my costume, and it turned out great.

Yay for steampunk!!


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So, went to IGN’s premier screening of the “Halo Legends” DVD at the Metreon in downtown San Francisco. It was awesome! I got to meet and shake hands with the one and only Frank O’Conner and go all sci-fi nerd with my girlfriend all night. Great times!

The episodes were special in their own unique ways, but one definitely stands out from the crowd: the non cannon episode “Odd One Out”, featuring Spartan-1337, a clumsy supersoldier with delusions of awesomeness. His mannerisms and speech reminded me a little to much of the Marvel character “Deadpool”, whose tales of misadventure have recently sucked away my time and money.

…in short, I couldn’t help myself:


The amount of ass-kicking these two would get done is astronomical

There were many questions asked at the subsequent Q&A forum with Frankie afterwards. He explained 343 Industries role in aiding the Anime companies, smoothed out some cannon issues, and, when asked the inevitable question about a Halo movie, expressed his anger at District 9 for being amazing.

Definitely a good night!