Every Girl’s Crazy ‘Bout a Sharp-Dressed Man

I think I stated before that I am bad about updating blogs. Well, dont say I didnt tell you so.

Anyhow. I’ve been stupid busy with my internship at Femina Potens, an LGBT art gallery in the Castro. I’ve been getting lots of hands-on experience installing quite a few art shows and pieces and meeting a ton of interesting people….and pestering them until they take my card.

Take this moment, for instance. I am currently at the gallery’s front desk, sipping crappy wine whilst chatting up people from Image Comics. Im trying very hard not to make a total ass of myself while subtly inching around the subject that I draw a webcomic….
(on that note, if any of you aren’t reading that yet READ IT OR STEAM REX WILL CONSUME YOUR FACE!!! 6thCircleComic.com)
Its good times. Yeah, I dont get paid or anything, but I get free booze, exposure to interesting art, VIP pass to unique events, and (best of all) networking!! Plus this looks good on my resume. I guess it all pays for itself!

UNnortunately, I didnt get into “Black Lab”, an exhibit at another gallery I intern at “The Lab” is hosting in August. It centered around dark/evil/esoteric/ satiric themes, and I thought I was perfect for it. I did a piece with black cloth, a black light & optic-brightener laundry detergent:

Black Rorschach 01

Inspired by Rorscach Ink Blot tests, I’d hoped The Lab would’ve been attracted to my work. Oh well.

I also submitted photos to a book publishers looking for Steampunk-inspired art.


I bought a raccoon skull at Paxton Gate on Valencia for $10, and some watch bits I got on Etsy.com and BOOM! Behold! SteamRaccoon! I’ve yet to hear back from them too, but I’m still hoping they’ll like my work. The book is slated to come out mid 2011

Jackson and I are also still waiting on the Alternative Press Expo (APE) to respond to our application for a table. We are still going to make merch this summer, so look for a “store” link on the comic’s site!

That’s all for now. Cheers!


My newest creation: STEAMREX


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