In Business

Finally got cards made for the comic!

Designed the graphics myself. Jackson and I went to a local printing shop, Club Card Printing and got a bunch made for a resonable price. The we went around the Castro and handed out a few to Whatever Comics and Cicatrix Tattoo. Huzzah for marketing!!

Today was also an update day, our first “Sunday strip” style comic. Check it out!

6th Circle

I know it’s not the best pic ever, but here’s the card and me (minus most of my beard)


One Response to “In Business”

  1. igor rhys tanaka Says:

    Save the first card you made, Bud. Might be worth some serious coin at a future ComiCon someday. XLNT work, my boy! Very well done indeed! Bit of ‘awright, eh? Loovly!!

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