6th Circle DIY Stickers

Who needs a ‘professional’ printer when you can totally create your own stickers using linoleum, wood cutting tools, a roller, red ink and a ton of stickie name badges!

Behold! First batch of 6th Circle stickers.

Its good to put those 2 semesters of printmaking to use. I consider myself lucky that there was a tube of red printing ink in the box with the roller (India Ink just wasn’t cutting it). Regardless that the tools I used look like they’re from the 60’s or 70’s, they work really well. w00T for hand-me-downs!

These betties will be posted around the city (San Francisco), so if you’re a local, keep an eye out for them in tattoo shops, store windows, coffee houses, sides of buses, guitar cases, cop cars, and on your mama’s luggage.

Check out the comic! Its awe-sum! [updated Wednesdays]


2 Responses to “6th Circle DIY Stickers”


  2. Yay I found your blogie poo… oops made something cool sound unmanly again… oops.

    Working on getting my wordpress account connected to my site again. Once it’s all set up (after Friday) I will be at…

    WordPress = http://www.meganmegaphone.com
    Blogger (same thing, but fed through the blogger template) = http://www.meganmegaphoneblog.com

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