So, went to IGN’s premier screening of the “Halo Legends” DVD at the Metreon in downtown San Francisco. It was awesome! I got to meet and shake hands with the one and only Frank O’Conner and go all sci-fi nerd with my girlfriend all night. Great times!

The episodes were special in their own unique ways, but one definitely stands out from the crowd: the non cannon episode “Odd One Out”, featuring Spartan-1337, a clumsy supersoldier with delusions of awesomeness. His mannerisms and speech reminded me a little to much of the Marvel character “Deadpool”, whose tales of misadventure have recently sucked away my time and money.

…in short, I couldn’t help myself:


The amount of ass-kicking these two would get done is astronomical

There were many questions asked at the subsequent Q&A forum with Frankie afterwards. He explained 343 Industries role in aiding the Anime companies, smoothed out some cannon issues, and, when asked the inevitable question about a Halo movie, expressed his anger at District 9 for being amazing.

Definitely a good night!


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